AFRO-HOUSE Dance Connecting | IDU Crew | Denisa | I'm In Love With The Coco - Dj Pingusso

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Happy to share the video we made during my stay in Uganda!
Making a dance video with locals in Africa was my little dream, so I made it happen and it was easier than anyone would expect!
I found IDU dancers online and I loved their moves. I basically wrote them and ask if they are interested in making a video with me. Mathew, one of the members I was writing with, was very surprised. Even though the crew was really busy preparing for finals of Sakata (biggest dance competition in east Africa), he agreed. We devided the song in two pieces (first half done by IDU, second is my choreo) so that when we meet we share what we've prepared. #discipline ! haha.
I loved working with you, love your spirit and dedication, thank you !!

Enjoy the outcome:)

Dancers: Denisa Mrvova (Afro D), Nandala Mathew (IDU) , Jakero Jackson (IDU)
Camera: Cherono Murgor, Kazibwe Obed
Edit: DSFX team
Music: Dj Pingusso - Coco (Afrobeat remix)
Afro House

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